Did you know?
  • Did You Know?

  • It has been reported that a 1-hour massage equates to 7-8 hours of sleep on the body.

  • Did You Know?

  • For every pound of weight gained, your knees gain three pounds of added stress loads!

  • Did You Know?

  • Acupuncture is over 5,000 years old and is one of the oldest forms of medicine known to date.

  • Did You Know?

  • Shockwave therapy has been shown to be 90% effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis calcific tendonitis.

  • Did You Know?

  • Prolonged bed rest has been proven to make back pain worse. Exercise is your best medicine!

  • Did you know?

  • 90% of concussions resolve fully in the first 10 days post-injury.

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Chiropractic and Performance Care

Our chiropractic care utilizes an integrative multi-modal assessment process to tailor a functional and collaborative model of care used by elite and professional athletes worldwide.

With a heavy emphasis on both soft tissue and global motion, our chiropractors do more than just treat pain. Some of the manual techniques used by our chiropractors include:

  • Graston Technique for soft tissue
  • Active release techniques
  • Joint manipulation and mobilization
  • Instrument-assisted adjusting techniques
  • Chiropractic Biophysics technique
  • Medical acupuncture
  • Exercise prescription
  • Taping techniques

Treatments vary in length from 15 – 30 minutes and are customized to your goals and needs.